Students Hospitalized After Eating Marijuana Edibles

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Students Hospitalized After Eating Marijuana Edibles

On Monday, the Royal Cayman Island Police Service (RCIPS) delivered a photograph of marijuana edible that was responsible for sending a group of secondary school students who digested the edible to the hospital in early May.

The RCIPS revealed that the marijuana edible consisted of Fruity Pebbles cereal, molded into a square and imbued with weed as a method for raising awareness.

“The public, especially parents and guardians of children and students, are advised to be on the lookout for these ganja-infused items, “ said the RCIPS.

“The public is also reminded that it is an offense to possess or consume ganja products unless given a medical dispensation to do so. It is also illegal to sell such products if you are not a licensed medical practitioner,” they added.

Toward the beginning of May, Cayman Police were called to the Clifton Hunter High School after it was claimed that few students had become sick subsequent to ingesting an unknown snack.

The student was immediately hurried to the hospital and an investigation launched.

Police later tracked down the suspicious cereal, which was subsequently affirmed to have contained marijuana.