Strippers Drug and Bite Army Major in Poland


Strippers Drug and Bite Army Major in Poland

The Army is investigating a trip to Poland by the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade “No Mercy” battalion, where its Commander was drugged and nibbled on the nipples by strippers at an off-limits club, after disappearing for two days.

The drunken escapade, several soldiers, including battalion executive officer Maj. Matthew Conner, went to Club Obsession in Gdansk’s city center, Stars and Stripes reported. The party continued into the early morning hours, and at some point, the group realized Conner was missing and a search was organized. He was eventually found at a different hotel from the one the group was staying at; there are claims that he was drugged during the party.

Army major drugged and bitten by strippers in Poland, investigation says

The supposed 15-6 test suggested that Fix and Conner face authoritative or disciplinary activity alongside a few different individuals from the unit.

Fix has gotten a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand and is currently resigning, while Conner faces a division audit board, Stars and Stripes announced.

“The order made a quick and suitable unfavorable move against the pioneers in question,” military representative Col. Joseph Buccino told the power source in a proclamation.

“A few officials are confronting further managerial activities to decide if they will keep on serving in the Army,” he added.

The examination tracked down that “in addition to the fact that it is problematic whether the reason and aim of a (unit staff ride) were met, however during the excursion, numerous people displayed absences of foresight and authority that are not expected of senior pioneers in the Army.”