Street Fighter 5 Gets Season 5 with 5 New fighters

Street Fighter 5 Gets Season 5 with 5 New fighters

Capcom has one of the most popular fighting games in the world: Street Fighter V. This installment arrived in 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PC, and has remained alive until now.

The latest title in the saga was Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, published in 2020. In Capcom’s words, this installment has had “a great reception” by the community so they have presented the fifth and final season.

This special update is already promoted on the official website since it is the fifth, the same number of this version of Street Fighter. As expected, in this DLC five new fighters will reach the title of fights. In turn, three scenarios are added.

“We know that our players are wondering what will come next Street Fighter V,so we have some news to share. “Seeing the great reception of Season 4 and the Champion Edition, we are preparing a final Season ‘V’ with ‘V’ new fighters who will join the roster. We are also preparing three new scenarios. ” is read in the official statement.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition released in 2018 and included 12 additional characters. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition just came out this year in February, including all DLC released up until this point.

Capcom promised additional details about the fifth season “later this summer.”