Street dwellers get their own Covid-19 facility

Street dwellers get their own Covid-19 facility

A special centre for care and support for homeless persons was established at Town Council Street (Under Centre for the Socially Displaced Persons) to provide temporary shelter for street dwellers.

Minister of Social Development and Family Services Camille-Robinson Regis made the announcement on Wednesday morning.

She said the facility was established in collaboration with the Port of Spain City Corporation and the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF). The St. Vincent De Paul will be manage oversight of this added feature for homeless persons.

On Saturday March 4, 2020, the Ministry, together with the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force commenced the construction on the facility on the ground level of the car park at Riverside Carpark, at the Centre for Displaced Persons (CSDP).

Works are expected to be completed by today, Wednesday April 8, and following this potential residents will undergo a process of admission to the facility.

Permanent Secretary Jacinta Bailey-Sobers (center) and staff from the Ministry’s Social Displacement Unit join the Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force for a walk-through on April 7th.

In the first instance, the facility will provide beneficiaries with cots to sleep on, bathroom facilities, a dining/recreation facility and three meals daily.

Cots will be laid on metal frames on the existing roadway for ease of maintenance.

A female dormitory will be constructed separately from the male dormitory, enclosed using sheets of ply board, and secured.

The male dormitory, and dining/recreation area will remain open and running water will be provided for washing hands, bathing and personal hygiene.

A security fence is also to be erected to prevent illegal/unauthorized entry to the CSDP.