Stolen Nissan AD Wagon found in Trou Macaque

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Stolen Nissan AD Wagon found in Trou Macaque

Officers of the I.A.T.F recovered one stolen vehicle while on patrol in Trou Macaque yesterday.

The white Nissan AD Wagon was recovered in Mango Alley bearing false registration plates.

The vehicle, which is legally registered as PCW 7414, was stolen from the Lady Young Road on October 27th

A Mango Alley resident has been arrested.

On searching the vehicle, officers also found an electric saw, a mobile phone and an extension cord. The items and the vehicle were taken to the Belmont CID to be processed.

While on another patrol the same day, officers found 20 fully grown marijuana trees.

The trees, which were found in the vicinity of Building 1, Trou Macaque Plannings, were uprooted and seized.

Investigations are continuing on both incidents.