Sting 2022 in Jamaica was a party turned into a fight club!

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Sting 2022 in Jamaica was a party turned into a fight club!

STING2022 in Jamaica, left many describing it as a fiasco that has disgraced Dancehall.

The event ended in fights backstage between several artistes entourages.

Police had to get physical at the St Ann venue which is due to host Buju Banton & Beres Hammond’s show on Jan 1!

Minutes after 6 a.m., the stage was invaded by persons who were not booked to perform, and the area became tense as thuggery threatened to take over.

Police and the hangers-on of the artistes shuffled, forcing the officers to draw their weapons and send barriers crashing down and patrons scampering and ducking for cover.



Meanwhile earlier in the night, headliners Queenie and Amari also came face to face, but both women for just one known track each also turned the stage into a drama-filled WWE brawl.

Before legs were flinging, and Amari’s red wig sailed through the air while Queenie stuck to her assignment as she continued her underwhelming performance.

Queenie was later determined the winner of their clash.