Steel & Soca Favoured At Soaka’s Iron Park

Steel & Soca Favoured At Soaka’s Iron Park

Carnival 2020 is off to a fantastic start and one of the newest events is a big hit. Soaka Iron Park has been hailed as a tremendous success. With an estimated patronage in the couple thousands, WOW Events risky-innovation  has pulled off one of this year’s most innovative concepts for Carnival 2020.

Soaka – IRON PARK, the brainchild of Director Adrian Scoon, was held at the Queen’s Park Savannah on Friday which was transformed into an eclectic environment, favouring a modern style with pattern lighting effects and illuminous features that made it a whimsical place.

Although it was a ‘bring yuh drinks’ event, party goers were delighted with an arrangement of available light treats, such as, BBQ wings, grilled chicken & fries, Chinese style dishes, burgers, sandwiches, tenders. Additionally, everyone was gifted with free fruity tequila shots, rum and sponsored tokens to their amusement.

Festivities began with two community bands, the Siparia Rhythm Posse and the Laventille Rhythm Section fuelling the atmosphere with brisk and vibrant tempos that had the women ‘wineing’ and the men shouting with their brethren to every beat.

Conceptually ‘Iron Park’ delivered a brilliant way of synthesizing the acoustic sounds of steelpan and digitally played soca music by T&T’s top DJs within a comfortable framework of partying that most ‘feters’ are used to.

Well known steelpan bands, Renegades, Desperadoes and the Trinidad All Stars had maximum success intermixing popular calypso and soca tunes (Farmer Nappy’s – Hookin Meh, Lord Kitcher’s ‘Tribute to Spree Simon and David Rudder’s High Mas), with a playlist of 2020’s most pumping tracks.

There was even an appearance by Nailah Blackman parading as a Flag Woman for Desperadoes who played a rendition of her 2019 soca hit, Iron Man, which uproar the crowd into a frenzy.

Overall, many patrons verbally expressed that they’re gratified with Soaka’s Iron Park and expressed their desire to attend, if done again in 2021.

See below IzzSo’s rating of Soaka’s Iron Park:

IzzSo Fete Meter 2020
Decor 8
Food & Drinks 6
Vibe 9
Crowd 9

The top three Performances of the night were –

  • Trinidad All Stars
  • Laventille Rhythm Section
  • Renegades

Check out the complied video of Iron Park and give us your comments below: