Stay Apart but Stay Together with Galaxy

Stay Apart but Stay Together with Galaxy

All around the world, many people are adjusting to remote work and learning. In this new reality, mobile technology has become a crucial tool to keep us connected and informed.

Samsung is committed to helping Galaxy users stay active, productive and connected. That’s why we are sharing ways you can get the most out of your devices. Whether these are features you already know or have never used before, we hope this guide can give you some fresh ideas to make your transition into new routines easier.

Enrich Your Daily Routines

Not only can technology help connect with teams and colleagues, mobile devices also provide many tools that make working from home easier and simpler. From exercises to entertainment, there are many ways you can use your mobile device to make your daily routines richer.

Keep Your Mind and Body Active with Samsung Health
It is important to stay active mentally and physically even when working remotely. The Samsung Health app offers a range of tips and trackers to help you stay strong from the comfort of your own home. In the app’s ‘Discover’ category, you can explore a variety of fitness programs from body weight training to stretching exercises. If you’re looking for some peace of mind after a busy day, you can stay on top of your sleep schedule with Samsung Health’s activity tracking feature, and even enjoy one of the mindfulness programs enabled by Samsung’s partnership with leading wellness company Calm.

Connect Better with Google
For those can’t-miss meetings or remote catch-ups with colleagues, Samsung has partnered with Google to bring video calling with full high definition (FHD) clarity to Google Duo . Not only does Google Duo offer high quality, high speed video calling, it also allows up to twelve people to join a single video conference. Furthermore, with the wide-angle mode available on the latest Galaxy devices, the stable connectivity of Galaxy’s Wi-Fi 6, and the low latency of Galaxy 5G, you’ll never miss a moment when working from home.

Work Seamlessly Across Devices with Microsoft
Having immediate access to Microsoft Office and its suite of apps can help you stay on top of things when working or learning remotely. Samsung’s long-term partnership with Microsoft gives you access to the tools you need to manage work and life, such as scanning and signing PDFs and converting pictures to an Excel table. With the Link to Windows feature and the Your Phone companion app, you can also access photos in your gallery, messages, notifications and other functions on your PC from your Galaxy device, keeping you in the flow without the need to switch devices.

Stay Entertained with Netflix
Watching your favorite TV shows or movies during downtime is one of the best ways to stay entertained. Users can discover Netflix’s best-in-class content through an improved integration with Galaxy devices, enabling ease of content discovery and accessibility via Samsung Daily, Bixby and Finder.

Simple, Contactless Payment with Samsung Pay
Samsung Pay allows users to harness their smartphones as a digital wallet when shopping online and in person thanks to its contactless payment capabilities. We’ve all had that moment while studying or working from home when we find we are running out of stationery, but with Samsung Pay, you can order the supplies you need right to your doorstep with a simple tap online, or pay in-store for the products with just your smartphone.

Enjoy Your Favorite Tunes with Spotify
Music can help you stay focused when working or studying remotely. Thanks to Samsung’s partnership with Spotify, you can easily access your favorite playlists across all your Galaxy mobile devices. Full Bixby integration for Spotify also makes it easier for you to pick up where you left off on your favorite audio.

Watch YouTube Uninterrupted
When you need a break, discover a suite of entertainment services right on your Galaxy device. Samsung’s partnership with YouTube allows Galaxy S20 users to enjoy YouTube videos and music without ads and even when you’re offline. Get up to four months free of YouTube Premium and also play content with your screen off or while using another app.


Some of the leading brands Samsung has partnered with so far are:

CALM Get instant access to a full suite of wellness features via Samsung Health

GOOGLE DUO Video chat in groups of up to 12 people on Google Duo

MICROSOFT Easily access your messaging apps with Link to Windows

SAMSUNG PAY Digital wallet with contactless payment capabilities for simple online and in-person shopping experiences

SPOTIFY Seamlessly tune in to your favorite audio with Spotify

YOUTUBE PREMIUM Enjoy videos and music without interruptions