Statistics show hundreds more dissatisfied with their grades in 2020

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Statistics show hundreds more dissatisfied with their grades in 2020

The CXC Registrar has revealed that up to Sunday, October 18th, there have been 2,353 requests for reviews of CAPE results and 2,550 requests for CSEC results.

These figures are a marked increase from 2019.

This was revealed yesterday during CXC’s virtual media conference.

Last year, 720 candidates sought reviews for the CSEC grades and that represented a 0.13 per cent of the total candidates. This year, it stands at 2,550, representing 0.45 per cent.

For Queries amongst CSEC students, there were 705 queries in 2019 which was 0.13 per cent of the total, and this year it doubled to 1,572 or 0.28 per cent of the total.

Regarding CAPE, the statistics for reviews doubled in 2020, moving from 1,073 last year to 2,353 this year. Therefore, 0.73 per cent of candidates asked for reviews in 2019, while 1.97 per cent asked for queries this time around.

Queries for CAPE subjects saw the biggest growth with the number leaping from 36 in 2019 to 659 in 2020. That means that for every one query in 2019, there were 18 in 2020.

Already, the number of reviews for “ungraded” in all territories amounted to less than one per cent of the number of people affected.

Professor Hilary Beckles said CXC is expected to put in place a system for students to deal directly with the regional examining body, not necessarily with local registrars and the ministry of education.

He said top priority would be given to students enrolled to enter universities in and out of the Caribbean.