Statement by Minister Stuart Young on his fall

Statement by Minister Stuart Young on his fall

“I would like to thank all well wishers and persons enquiring as to my well being. I am fine.”

A statement issued by National Security Minister, Stuart Young this afternoon after slipping and falling off a stage at the opening of Penal Fire Station this morning.

Minister Young said that after giving his remarks at the opening of the new Penal Fire Station, as he was coming off of the stage and stood on the one step to come off, it slid, as it was not anchored or secured, and he fell.

“The fall was quite a hard one and I dislocated my shoulder, says Minister Young.

Minister Young continued by saying that he was rushed by the Fire Services’ Ambulance to the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) where he was diagnosed, treated and discharged for a dislocated shoulder.

“I would like to thank all of the people that helped me and treated me during this experience. I thank the Fire Services’ personnel who carried me in the ambulance for their comfort and professionalism, all of the nurses, doctors and other staff at the SFGH who diagnosed and treated me, I felt proud at the level of treatment and expertise of all of the persons at SFGH and I thank the many others who ensured I was ok (you know who you are).”

“Fortunately, I did not break or fracture any bones or hit my head. God is good, says Minister Young.