‘STARDUST’: Christian Boucaud Releases NEW LoungeWear Collection

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‘STARDUST’: Christian Boucaud Releases NEW LoungeWear Collection

From Rihanna’s Fenty X sultry silhouettes to Victoria’s Secrets bias-cut slips, lingerie has always had a place on the runway.

And while it has a reputation for pandering to male fantasy, lingerie has also been used to push more liberated ideas of how women can proudly show their bodies and express their sexuality.

With many ready-to-wear and Carnival ‘Monday wear’ collections to date, Trinbagoian designer Christian Boucaud has dressed various regional and international celebrities and has shown her work at several Fashion Weeks, she has cleverly modified and innovate her brand amid the changes that the pandemic has brought to the fashion industry.

Christian Boucaud presents STARDUST – the LoungeWear Collection, “We’re all creations of STARDUST”.

Many women have turned away from a normal ‘ole jersey and panties’ or pajamas in favour of loungewear, which reflects their confidence, diversity, body positivity and possesses the ultimate “I woke up like this” appeal.

The collection features lace-trimmed, delicate spaghetti straps, feathery robes and light-weight sheer fabricated pieces, that women can adorn themselves in for Valentines, staycations, honeymoons and every-night sleepwear.

Photography: @nigelsocrazy 

The collection definitely speaks to today’s new visual language and its increasing focus on diverse, natural beauty as well as what fashion can do for one’s well-being. Now more than ever, this is a message that is resonating with women who demand representation by the brands they choose to wear.

Ladies, this collection checks all the boxes. For purchases and more information, please click https://www.christianboucaud.com/stardust or https://www.facebook.com/christianboucauddesigns