Star Wars: Visions Anime Is Coming to Disney Plus


Star Wars: Visions Anime Is Coming to Disney Plus

Star Wars Visions, a new series of short films based on the franchise, was announced at Investor Day gives Disney, which took place on December 10th. The production will bring some of the “Japan’s best anime creators“to show your views of the universe created by George Lucas.

The series is scheduled to arrive in 2021 at Disney+.

The Omelette is the only Brazilian vehicle invited to cover Disney Investor Day and Marcelo Hessel e Marcelo Forlani accompany the presentation live and comment on the main news announced in the Omelet YouTube channel.

Investor Day announcements include ten Marvel series, ten Star Wars series, and 15 more series and 15 live-action and animation films, including Pixar titles. In addition, the record for subscriptions to Disney +, the company’s streaming service, was released, reaching 86.8 million subscribers worldwide on December 2nd, approaching in just one year the goal of 90 million that Disney hoped to achieve in four years.