St. Augustine MP: “UNC ready to win PNM controlled seats”

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St. Augustine MP: “UNC ready to win PNM controlled seats”

Member of Parliament for St. Augustine, Khadijah Ameen, lashed at Government’s decision to delay Local Government Election by one year.

MP Ameen at an Opposition Press Briefing today said, “that democracy and the rule of law must prevail as the Privy Council’s May 18th ruling proves that the UNC was right.”

MP Ameen at an Opposition Press Briefing today,  says, “that the PNM must now ask the Parliament to clean up the mess that they created since they went against the principles of democracy by postponing LGE.”

“The St. Augustine MP stated that the Government can’t decide who the LGE representatives are, it is for the people to decide since denying the people the right to vote is wrong.”

MP Ameen claims that many in society are willing to vote for the first time as they want to get rid of the PNM.

Amen is now demanding that the Prime Minister name the election date on Monday May 29t.

Amen believes that UNC will win seats that PNM currently control.

The St. Augustine MP said, “the PNM have been inventing achievements since they don’t have any authentic accomplishments. She identified a variety of these inventions such as the superficial name change to the Borough of Diego Martin and Borough of Siparia despite not giving any further powers or resources. MP Ameen stated that Minister Faris Al Rawi postponed LGE for the purpose of LG reform and to date nothing has taken place. Despite promising a schedule of roll out activities 5 months ago, to date he has not provided anything.”