Sri Lanka Mrs World Arrested Over Pageant Scandal


Sri Lanka Mrs World Arrested Over Pageant Scandal

In Sri Lanka, police confined Caroline Jurie, who held the title of Mrs World for harming another glamorous lady in front of an audience.

Pushpika De Silva came out ahead of the pack in the Mrs Sri Lankan challenge, which was communicated live on TV on Sunday, and the past victor of the challenge, Jurie, needed to wear the crown on her new proprietor.

In any case, Jurie rather eliminated the crown from De Silva’s head, contending that he was unable to get the title since he was separated.

De Silva later expressed that he lived independently from his better half and was not separated.

The Mrs Sri Lanka show is essential for the Mrs World excellence event for wedded ladies. Glamorous ladies chose in the taking an interest country at that point participate in the Mrs World rivalry.

“There is a rule that prohibits married and divorced women from participating, and I intervene and put the crown on the second,” said Jurie on the stage.

In the video of the occasion, De Silva leaves the stage in tears after De Silva wears the crown on the second wonderful.

Caroline Jurie appended the crown to the sprinter up of the opposition.

De Silva said in a message he shared on his Facebook account that he went to the medical clinic to treat his head wounds after the occurrence.

“There are many single mothers in Sri Lanka who suffer like me. I dedicate this crown to those women, those who suffer to raise their children alone,” said De Silva at a press conference later on.

He additionally stressed that he would document a claim against the “irrational and embarrassing” conduct he was exposed to.

Another Sri Lankan model included was kept.

“Police detained Caroline Jurie and Chula Padmendra for the incident on Sunday,” Police Spokesperson Ajith Rohana told the BBC.

It was noticed that both Jurie and Mrs Sri Lanka challenge’s central coordinator, Chandimal Jayasihghe, were addressed by the police. Jure and Padmendra were delivered on pre-preliminary abandon April 19.

As De Silva’s crown was returned, the coordinators declared that they anticipated that Jurie should give an expression of remorse.

Mrs Sri Lanka rivalry is an association that draws in extraordinary consideration in the country. The spouse of the head administrator was additionally welcome to the service where the occurrence occurred.