Sports Minister says TTFA’s action or inaction can shatter the dreams of TT youth

Sports Minister says TTFA’s action or inaction can shatter the dreams of TT youth

Sport and Community Development Minister the Hon. Shamfa Cudjoe, called and hosted an emergency virtual meeting of all major stakeholders of football on Thursday August 27, to discuss the Government’s concern on implications of this debacle between the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) and  the Federal Internationale of Football Association (FIFA).

Thirty nine (39) persons representing various clubs and interests attended the meeting representing a wide spectrum of stakeholders and membership of the TTFA.  The invitation was also extended to all members of the TTFA Executive including TTFA President William Wallace, however, neither he nor the other executive members attended.

Following the decision taken and subsequent communication by FIFA, by letter dated August 26, 2020 to Mr. Robert Hadad, Chairman of the Normalization Committee of the TTFA, the issue of the future development of football and the loss of return on years of investment in the sport is under severe threat.

In its letter, FIFA clearly outlined its position on the claim between TTFA and FIFA at the Trinidad and Tobago Courts and drew attention to art. 59 of the FIFA Statue, which expressly contains the prohibition of recourse to ordinary courts unless specifically provided for.

In the letter FIFA underlined that the failure to meet these obligations may, according to art. 14, paragraph 4, of the FIFA Statutes, “lead to sanctions as provided for in the FIFA Statutes, including a possible suspension.” Such sanctions can and will have a devastating impact on football in Trinidad and Tobago.