Special police units to receive body cameras

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Special police units to receive body cameras

National Security Minister Stuart Young has revealed that special units within the T&T Police Service (TTPS) will soon be equipped with body cameras.

During a meeting with Police Commissioner, Gary Griffith on Monday, Young said he was told that the units include the Special Operations Response Team (SORT), the Inter-Agency Task Force and Guard and Emergency Branch.

“They are going to be some of the next units to be provided with body cameras by the Commissioner of Police and administrative arm of the Police Service.”

With the officers of all frontline units to be in receipt of body cameras, Griffith said, “I do not think any police officer will object to this. It is more to protect the police officer.”

Saying there are many occasions when false allegations are made against police officers, Griffith reiterated, “The body cameras will now defend my police officers when they are wrongfully accused.”