Spanish Priest resigns after falling in love with an erotic writerSpanish Bishop Xavier Novell and author Silvia Caballol

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Spanish Priest resigns after falling in love with an erotic writer

The reason behind the resignation of a Catholic bishop in Spain has emerged as it has been revealed that Bishop Xavier Novell resigned last month, because he fell in love with a divorced woman who writes Satanic based erotic books.

Novell’s decision to resign came as a shock to many as he was quickly becoming popular in the priesthood and among parishioners and had already become Spain youngest bishop ever.

A Spanish news site has now revealed that Novell fell in love with Silvia Caballol, a divorcee, a psychologist and erotic novelist whose books often have a Satanic tinge.

Religión Digital quoted Novell as saying “I have fallen in love and want to do things properly”.

Caballol’s books include titles such as The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust and the trilogy Amnesia.

A preview for one of her stories promises the reader a journey into sadism, madness and lust and a struggle between good and evil, God and Satan with a plot to shake one’s values and religious beliefs.

The news site said that the former bishop was now looking for a job in the Barcelona area as an agronomist.