SpaceX Wins Nasa Contract to Send Humans to the Moon


SpaceX Wins Nasa Contract to Send Humans to the Moon

NASA has awarded SpaceX a massive $2.9bn (£2 billion) project to take man back to the moon once again.

The revolutionary space agency beat out fierce competition from Jeff Bezos’s own aerospace company Blue Origin as well as bids from the private defence contractor Dynetics Inc.

This announcement comes after three recent SpaceX crafts exploded during test flights. Nonetheless, faith remains strong that Elon Musk’s company is the correct partner for this mission.

After announcing the lucrative contract, NASA acting administrator Steve Jurczyk said, “We should accomplish the next moon landing as soon as possible”. He later added, “This is an incredible time to be involved in human exploration, for all humanity.”

SpaceX will need to overcome a numerous hurdles before the mission becomes a reality. This includes a test flight mission with a landing on the lunar surface before sending a manned space craft.

This mission will be a crucial first step in colonizing Mars. Specifically, as NASA plans to use our moon as a launch point to the red planet.