Southlands reel from rains, brace for more flooding

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Southlands reel from rains, brace for more flooding

There are reports that overnight drizzle throughout South Trinidad triggered flooding in several parts of Penal, Debe and Barrackpore.

At Wellington Road Debe and M2 Ring Road, floods have subsided along with the rains, but residents said the rising tide posed problems for people in the lowest areas of the South Oropouche Drainage Basin.

In Woodland, residents had already stacked sandbags around their homes and put valuables on higher ground.

However speaking with News Power Now this morning Head of the Penal Debe regional Corporation Dr Allen Sammy said that while there is flooding in several areas, they seem to be concentrated in areas that have not traditionally been prone to flooding.

He said it’s very difficult to predict which model should be used in approaching any type of disaster relief should be used going forward.

He also informed that pumps were being provided to residents to aid in easing flooding at various homes.

Dr Sammy revealed while they are standing by to provide whatever aid is needed, there are some set-backs.