PM announced beaches and rivers will be open from Monday 22 June

PM announced beaches and rivers will be open from Monday 22 June

Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley today announced that based on the country’s current COVID-19 status, the economy will begin to re-open a number of entities which were closed since March, 2020.

The Prime Minister announced the following will be open on Monday 22nd, June:

  • Beaches/Rivers will be open
  • Cinemas and the Emperor Valley Zoo/Amusement Parks can re-open
  • In-house dining is now allowed (restaurants will be closed at 10pm)
  • Restaurants may have in house dining until 10pm.
  • Full re opening of all malls and food courts.
  • Team sports can resume. But no spectators at the events.
  • Educational institutions can re open for the purpose of exam preparations. Schools, pre schools, daycare facilities remain closed until September.
  • Full public service functionality from Monday with options of flexi-time and work from home to be explored.
  • Public transport, including inter island transport moves to full service.
  • Only groups of 25 persons can gather, with physical distancing.
  • Weddings, funeral, christenings, church services can now occur without restrictions. But health guidelines inside buildings must be observed.
  • Horse Racing can resume.
  • The use of masks is still in effect – No Mask, No Service.