Sony Reveals New Updates and DualSense Controller For The PS5


Sony Reveals New Updates and DualSense Controller For The PS5

A new system software update for PlayStation 5 is available, as announced by Sony and confirmed by VideoGamer Portugal on one of its consoles. The transfer size is around 868MB.

In the official notes we can read that this update, officially named 20.02-02.30.00, continues to improve the performance of the system, but also presents fixes for some specific problems. “Solves,” it is said, “an issue where information transfer and downloads were canceled when trying to download content while an information transfer from a PS4 was taking place”.

“Some problems that were causing errors when entering text in some PS4 games have been resolved,” is also said in the official notes. And, we know, “connection stability has been improved for some routers Wi-Fi ”.

In addition to publishing the system software update for its home console, Sony has released an update for DualSense. When they turn on the controller for the first time after PlayStation 5 is running the latest version of the software, a message will appear stating precisely that a new update for the accessory has been found.

“A new version of the wireless controller device software is available,” is said in the message. “Your console does not need to be restarted to perform this update,” continues.

Bear in mind, however, that you will not be able to update the DualSense without it being connected to the PlayStation 5. “Connect your controller using the USB cable, then select [Atualizar agora], ”Is added to the warning that appears on the screen. Unfortunately, at the time this news was published, exactly the improvements and / or corrections that are presented by this version of the software have not yet been revealed by the Japanese company.

PlayStation 5 has been available in Portugal since November 19th.