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“Sometimes men need help” Single Fathers speak out in support of dad in viral video

President of the Single Fathers Association, Rhondall Feeles said while men are silent on issues around their family life “sometimes men need help.”

Speaking with IzzSo Media this afternoon on the viral video of a single father put on blast by his daughter’s mother over the lack of non-payment of child support fees in addition to the condition of his home; Feeles said it was in poor taste of the woman to post his current condition.

Meanwhile several photos circulating online showed that the father in question who was named online as Kwesi; is currently repairing  his home.

Feels suggested that she could have sought assistance without posting the video online – this, as the father was present in the child’s life.

Single Fathers Association is now making an appeal to both parties to reach out to his organization to seek help in the best interest of the child who is allegedly 16 years of age and who is reportedly in favour of having a close relationship with her father.