Somalis getting high off ants!!!

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Somalis getting high off ants!!!

Police in Somalia have classified a particular kind of ant as a dangerous drug, after discovering that people were steaming the insects and inhaling their vapour to get high.

Odorous house ants are known to contain formic acid.

There are accounts of birds appearing “drunk” after eating large quantities of these ants, and officials say humans are deliberately using it to similar effect.

Some Somalis are reportedly cutting the ant in half, putting it in a pan with the lid on and after it’s boiled for a while people sit around and inhale the steam get high.

A National Security Official has even said that there is now a “shortage” of these ants because people are going out and looking for them.

Doctors, however, warn that coming into contact with formic acid can cause dizziness, nausea and vomiting.