Soldiers detain three for robbing businessman in Arima

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Soldiers detain three for robbing businessman in Arima

Soldiers were able to detain three bandits after they robbed two salesmen in Arima on Wednesday afternoon.

ADD News TT understands the salesmen both aged 24-years-old went to the corner of Antigua Road and the Churchill Roosevelt Highway to sell their products at around 3.10 pm.

On reaching the area they were confronted by four men who pulled out guns and ordered them to lie on their stomachs at the back of their truck.

The bandits stole $60,000 in cash from the salesmen before running into nearby bushes.

The salesmen flagged down a passing defence force vehicle and told them, what happened.

The soldiers called for assistance from the Arima CID who searched the area and found the men.

The bandit ages 19, two 22-year-olds, and a 23-year-old are from Laventille and east Port of Spain.

They are expected to be questioned by police on Thursday.