Soka with Her – a movement of women empowerment

Soka with Her – a movement of women empowerment

Women empowerment in 2020 has been turned up on a whole new level.

Soka with Her done by veteran promoter, Randy Glasgow was well attended and received by both the young and tender.

Hosted at Jean Pierre Sporting Complex on Saturday evening, ‘Soka with Her’ catered to women of all races, sizes and age while being enchanted by the sweet sounds of Soca.

From the very young and sassy to the veterans in the business, ‘Soka with Her’ proved that an all ladies night out concert can be a powerful force during the Carnival season.

But nothing can complete an all ladies event like some of the country’s top men in Soca – who ensured that the ladies were well supported from start to finish.

‘Soka with Her’ ensured that patrons were safe, well seated (for the young at heart who wanted a good night out) and that the strength our women in the Soca industry was properly put on display for the entire world to see.

Backed by the A Team Band, several acts gave stella performances and left nothing to chance.

See below IzzSo’s rating of Soka with Her Fete:

IzzSo Fete Meter 2020

Decor 6
Food & Drinks 5
Vibe 10
Crowd 10

See highlights from Soka with Her:

(pictures and video done by Cornelius Hector)

Alison Hinds

Nessa Preppy

Destra Garcia

Patrice Roberts