Soka in Moka starts schools All Inclusive season with a Bang

Soka in Moka starts schools All Inclusive season with a Bang

The 2020 Carnival school ‘All Inclusive’ season kicked off with ‘Soka in Moka’ at the Trinity College grounds in Moka on Sunday. Early evening showers tried to dampen the spirit at the annual Soka in Moka fete held at the Trinity Grounds in Maraval on Sunday. But as MC Jason ‘JW’ Williams reminded the crowd, “the only thing rain could stop is cricket”.

The premiere all-inclusive fete did not disappoint with a gourmet twist to local dishes such as the seafood cocktail, which has become a staple at Soka in Moka, doubles, pasta, bake and shark, wings, BBQ, corn soup, Indian delicacies such as saheena, and a dessert station filled with ice cream, waffles and toppings.

There were a variety of drinks to satisfy every appetite including Barefoot’s bubbly on entry, Angostura’s rum cocktails, a Hennessy bar, and a fully stocked bar in the centre of the venue.

The only element second to the food were the performances. The fete featured the best in local entertainment with the big names in Soka out of the 2020 season. At one point feters couldn’t catch a breath as they were entertained by Blaxx, Olatunji, Motto, Teddyson John, Nailah Blackman, Nadia Batson, Farmer Nappy, Patrice Roberts, Voice, Lyrical, Swappi who brought on Baron much to the crowd’s enjoyment. One new face Leonce, who resides in New York, also got a chance to grace the Soka in Moka stage.

President of the Red Man Association Kees closed the event singing, in addition to his slew of popular soca songs, two of his monster hits for Carnival 2020: “Dear Promoter” and “Pick ah side”. Early in the show, Dil E Nadan warmed up the crowd with current hits and songs from yesteryear.

See below IzzSo’s rating of Soka in Moka:
IzzSo Fete Meter 2020 Soka in Moka
Decor 9
Food 8
Drinks 9
Vibe 7
Crowd 8

The top three Performances of the night were –

  • Nadia Batson
  • Skinny Banton
  • Patrice Roberts

Check out a few performances and tell us what you think in the comments below: