Skip Marley represents as House of Marley launches eco friendly earbuds

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Skip Marley represents as House of Marley launches eco friendly earbuds

Skip Marley has teamed up with his family company House Of Marley, to release a new eco-friendly wireless earbuds.

The reggae singer/songwriter shared news of his latest project, ‘Rebel True Wireless’ earbuds, on his Instagram while using the opportunity to prep new music.

Skip Marley walked his dog on his lush green lawn surrounded by blooming flowers while listening to music using the latest wireless earbuds in the short promo clip. Close-up shots of the bamboo-infused earbuds can be seen, along with some lush greenery of flowers and bamboo.

“Blessed tuh finally share di new @houseofmarley Rebel earbuds with yuh… u can get dem on,” Skip Marley wrote on IG.

House of Marley, with its eco-conscious identity, was created by the Marley family to carry on Bob Marley‘s legacy of love for music and the planet. The earbuds were deliberately crafted using recycled plastic, natural wood fiber, and bamboo, which is one of the most abundant and versatile plant-based material used in all forms of construction and manufacturing.

“We, House of Marley, have been innovating with both our materials as well as our construction and in doing so we were able to engineer the Rebel with optimal microphone positioning to deliver built-in call noise cancellation, allowing the user to hear and be heard better than before,” Director of Product Development, Josh Poulsen elucidated.

The Rebel earbuds are an expansion of the House of Marley’s TWS collection. The earbuds boasts premium comfort, wireless charging, extended battery life, hassle-free connectivity, noise-cancellation, water-resistant technology, and superior sound features, to list a few.

The company placed great emphasis on the use of natural resources from the earth to promote sustainability. “House Of Marley’s Rebel is taking its own path, not following the crowd,” Skip began.

“It’s very important that we use materials derived from the earth that are sustainable. Bamboo is one of the fastest natural plants so that is incorporated into the design. Our rewind and regrind materials are made from recycled materials. No matter how big or small you know these little things matter you know what I mean.”

“Big up House Of Marley, different than the competition,” he said in closing the promo.

The 25-year-old also used the spotlight to tease some new music that he’s been working on. “I’ve been working on a new project and the Rebel has been a huge part of it as well, as we perfect the craft and perfect the music. Fi a rebel with a cause, if yuh wan find yuh way, jam, and be rebels,” the artiste said in an extended video of him in the studio.

Fans have been eager to hear Skip Marley’s new music since he collaborated with H.E.R on “Slow Down” over a year ago. The song currently has 35 million views on YouTube.

Skip, the grandson of reggae legend Bob Marley will be joined by Ivy Sole at “BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn Festival” on Friday (August 13th).

The artiste has been flooding his Instagram stories with posts of the event, “See yuh in Brooklyn tonight @briccelebratebk,” he captioned a video of himself looking quite dapper.

Many fans have already expressed their excitement, sharing that they have already purchased their tickets to the event.