Skillibeng praises Nicki Minaj for repping dancehall culture

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Skillibeng praises Nicki Minaj for repping dancehall culture

Skillibeng salutes Nicki Minaj for consistently repping dancehall culture and giving him some strength on the “Crocodile Teeth” remix.

In a recent interview with Power 106’s DJ Carisma, the upcoming artist said that he was surprised when Nicki Minaj shared the song and even wanted to collaborate. Before blowing up internationally, Skillibeng shared that he was an underground artist making music at home in his backyard with his phone and using an MP3 player.

Skillibeng’s life changed beyond his wildest imagination after Minaj shared a clip singing the lyrics to “Crocodile Teeth.” The dancehall star says it was a “power moment” that helped to transform his career as he instantly attracted a fan base in the United States due to the exposure from Nicki.

“It was a real power moment because it was unexpected at the moment because you know no one in my team was like looking for collaborations or seeking collaborations from anyone…we was trying to get the track to where it could be by itself we were focusing on our part of the work and Nicki just came in,” he said about the artist’s immense star power.

Skillibeng added that he was also pleased with Nicki jumping on the song and how the remix sounded.

“She did her thing, you know how she do,” he said.
Skillibeng, who recently signed to RCA Records, also shared appreciation for Nicki Minaj, who is known for loving and sharing dancehall music and Jamaican culture due to her upbringing in Trinidad and New York around Jamaicans.

Nicki Minaj has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in dancehall music, like Mavado.

“Nicki is a big fan of the Jamaican culture, you know big up Nicki Minaj for that, cause Nicki has a special part inna the place for Jamaicans and the culture so she’s always even looking out for the genre of dancehall, so big up to Nicki Minaj for that,” he said

Meanwhile, Skillibeng is gearing up for his “Whap Whap” remix featuring French Montana and Fivio Foreign.

The song has received critical reception from the artist’s fans abroad, even though Jamaicans have not totally bought into it. The E-Syde deejay, however, said he was focused on making his music grow internationally.

“It’s just a new universal language musically that we simplify to make it understood by people on a global basis you know so that’s what we studied, that’s what you do to make music become international, you know you simplify it so everybody could hear what you saying,” Skilli said.

Skillibeng is getting ready to perform at Rolling Loud New York following his well-received set at Summer Jam. The St. Thomas native also has a new project out and is currently working on his new album. Shenseea is also on the lineup as the other dancehall act for Rolling Loud.