Sinopharm approved for breastfeeding moms

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Sinopharm approved for breastfeeding moms

Breastfeeding moms can soon become vaccinated…at least with Sinopharm.

This as the Ministry of Health has approved the Sinopharm vaccine for use among the breastfeeding population.

Speaking at Monday’s Ministry of Health media briefing, Dr Adesh Sirjusingh, director in the Directorate of Women’s Health, said following a national immunization technical advisory meeting, chaired by the Chief Medical Officer, a decision was made to roll out the Sinopharm vaccine for the breastfeeding population.

However, he said, the approval does not cover the AstraZeneca vaccine based on the information before the committee.

Sirjusingh said “To date since the start of the pandemic, we have 170 pregnant women who have now contracted COVID-19 at various stages of pregnancy and not all have been delivered. I was last here in March and at that time we had 41 cases so just like Trinidad and Tobago we have seen a surge in the pregnant clientele.”

Of the 170 positive pregnant women, he said, 10 had been hospitalized in the intensive care unit (ICU). In addition to this, an increased risk of preterm delivery, hospitalization and heart complications were observed.

Sirjusingh said pregnant women who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and asthma, as well as those who are over 35 or in the second half of pregnancy are more likely to become seriously ill if they contract COVID-19.

Regarding maternity and newborn services, Sirjusingh encouraged all pregnant women to attend their clinics.

He said “We are seeing some fall off in this. All routine in-person care, all support continues. We have also established a telemedicine service for our quarantined patients if you have COVID and you are at home. For those who have delivered you have postnatal clinics and well-baby checkups. We need all our babies to continue the mandatory vaccine program that we have against all those diseases.”