“Shut the country down on Friday” – Andrea’s aunt wants justice

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“Shut the country down on Friday” – Andrea’s aunt wants justice

Sending shock waves across the country once again, the death of 23 year old Andrea Bharatt will never be forgotten nor will her family rest until they get justice.

IzzSo Media spoke with Andrea Bharatt’s aunt this afternoon, Ms. Sally, who said that she is not going to sit and sulk, but she’s going to use this as a chance to help other families in pain and help save more young women from being hurt and killed.

Bharatt’s body was found on February 5th; six days after she went missing on January 29th; a second autopsy done today showed she was reportedly hit with a blunt object and her skull was fractured which resulted in haemorrhaging.

Ms. Sally said her drive and mission is not politically motivated but it is being done out of fear also for her own daughter’s life; who is 19 years-old, and is currently in hiding.

Ms. Sally said this however will not deter her from wanting to save others; but more so push the authorities to ensure that all women and young girls are protected from predators walking the country.

Ms. Sally is also calling on the authorities to shut down the country on Friday for the funeral in Andrea’s honour – this as she says law-abiding citizens are angry and tired of coping with violent crimes and crimes against women and children.