Shouter Baptists make plea for their own secondary school

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Shouter Baptists make plea for their own secondary school

After having successfully managed a kindergarten and a primary school it was time the Shouter Baptists get their own secondary school.

So said Shouter Baptist Archbishop Barbara Gray-Burke.

Speaking to media on Tuesday during Shouter Baptist Liberation Day celebrations at the Maloney Empowerment Hall, Gray-Burke said: “Education takes you out of poverty and many of the Spiritual Shouters are on the poverty line so this is why we want the school.”

She added “Having received an early child care centre and also a primary school, my students get passes to Bishop Anstey High School East, Holy Cross College in Arima and all over the place.”

Gray-Burke said “We want to do like the Catholic Church and get our ten per cent of who we choose in our secondary school and that is what I am aiming at, God spare life.”

Celebrations were toned down yesterday as the Shouters marked the 25th year of the Shouter Baptist Liberation Day when it became a national holiday in Trinidad and Tobago in 1996.