Shortage of TB medication at Caura

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Shortage of TB medication at Caura

Patients at the Caura Hospital have not been able to receive their tuberculosis (TB) medication for a few days.

Sources confirmed that as of Saturday patients were not given any medication because hospital staff had notified them that there was no medication in the country for TB. Patients were said to be pleading for assistance to raise this critical issue.

Chief Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health Dr Roshan Parasram, who spoke to News Power Now, acknowledged that there was indeed a shortage of the drug since the shipment of the latest supply was late. However, he said that the situation is under control.

However, the North Central Regional Health Authority says it has 114 thousand 200 hundred doses of the TB drug Isoniadzid, 3 thousand doses of Ethambutol and 3 thousand 3 hundred doses of Pyrazinamide.

According to a press releases, NCRHA explains while there is a global issue with the drug Rifampicin , the Authority is utilizing Rifabutin which is an alternative drug currently supplied by the Ministry of Health. The NCRHA says it is piloting a new digital drug management system which will result in even greater efficiency.

This new system is operational at the St Joseph Enhanced Health Center and the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital and is scheduled for further rolled out at the Caura Hospital and the Arima Health Facility shortly.