“She couldn’t breathe,” as COVID Strikes Princes Town Family

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“She couldn’t breathe,” as COVID Strikes Princes Town Family

In a special report by Guardian newspaper, it was reported that one member of a Princes Town family was tested positive for the virus, however, all 7 other persons of the household have also allegedly seemed to have contracted the coronavirus and suffering from extreme respiratory problems,

Although no one has been hospitalized, last Monday, the family contacted Guardian Media last Monday when a female family member began giving indications of extreme respiratory issues, stating that they couldn’t get an ambulance and were uncertain whether they should break their quarantine to take her to the hospital.

The victim’s sister said the indications began with high fever, migraines, and body pains and in the wake of being swabbed at the Princes Town Health facility throughout the end of the week, she was requested to isolate herself at home.

Yet, they said the ambulance for never showing up on Monday, and around 7 that evening, they were told to take the already weak woman to the Princes Town Health office. By Wednesday, when her condition deteriorated, she was taken to the viral tent at the San Fernando General Hospital where she was given oxygen and intravenous liquids before she was sent back home.

“She couldn’t breathe. She wasn’t eating and nothing solid was staying down. We gave her sips of coconut water but that is all she eat,” the sister said.

Fortunately, the family claimed that they acquired an oxygen tank to assist with her breathing, and on Friday morning they said her condition improved, however, her mom, niece, siblings and sister all became sick. Two of them looked for COVID tests at the Princes Town Health office subsequent to encountering outrageous lethargy, high fever, and body pains.

“I am the only one who can take care of my sister. Right now all she ate was a slice of bread. I need to get better so that I could care for her. I love my sister and I will do anything for her,” the woman said. She said hospital officials told her that space was becoming a problem at the hospitals.

The sister added that “Right now it is eight of us in the family who are sick. We are still waiting for our results to come back.”

The family who has requested anonymity for fear of victimization is staying at home in isolation while the sister stays in self-disconnection.


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