Sharma says, “crime has hit close to home”

Sharma says, “crime has hit close to home”

Former Tourism Minister and for­mer Fyz­abad MP, Chan­dresh Shar­ma arrived at hospital early this morning to identify his nephew Rudrade­va Shar­ma, who was killed following an early-morning accident.

Sharma visited the Forensics department where an autopsy is expected to be performed on his nephew to determine the cause of death. Although he said it was an unfortunate incident, he admitted that his nephew’s death hit close to home.

Around 10:00p.m, Sharma’s nephew and another doctor, 37-year-old Prem Vijay Naidoo, were kidnapped from a hangout spot in San Fernando. They were put into the trunk of one of their cars, but the driver of the car lost control of the vehicle causing it to skid and flip several times.

According to a press release issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, officers of the Southern Division Highway Patrol followed the car and gave chase. The vehicle with the suspects and doctors veered off the highway and crashed.

Sharma died, but the other doctor and three suspects are currently warded at hospital in a serious condition. One suspect escaped.

Police are continuing investigations.

*Photo courtesy: TTT