Sexually transmitted diseases are rapidly rising in the U.S.

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Sexually transmitted diseases are rapidly rising in the U.S.

Sexually transmitted diseases have been rapidly rising in the U.S., which has left health officials concerned enough to call for new prevention measures.

According to The Associated Press, syphilis infections reached the highest they have been since 1991 following an increase of 26% last year, while HIV cases are closely trailing behind with 16%.

Amid growing concerns about the spread of monkeypox, which is mostly transmitted by men who have sex with other men, Dr. Leandro Mena, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control Division of STD Prevention, stressed it was time the country began working on better treatment efforts to control the alarming rates in which Americans are being infected with STDs.

The rate of infection cases has been the highest among gay and bisexual men — predominantly Black, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans — the report added, while health officials further acknowledge that even with the STD rate in women being lower than in men, it still saw a 50% surge in 2021.

Condom use has also been declining, while congenital syphilis, which occurs when a mother passes the disease to her baby during pregnancy, has gone from 300 cases a decade ago to 2,7000 last year, with 211 of those causing stillbirths or infant deaths, Mena revealed.