Several activists speak on PoS protests

Several activists speak on PoS protests

Founder of the Kwame Ture Educational Centre, David Muhammad has been speaking up on the current civil unrest in the Capital City since the death of three young men in Morvant – now his commentary has expanded to the root causes of the country’s unsettled behaviour.

Muhammad who for years has stand firm in the face of police brutality and unlawful acts in T&T says the actions we’re currently seeing today isn’t as a result of a number of social issues and ills which have been left to fester for a number of years.

Some tied to political ‘bad habits’ the country has left undone and unresolved.

Perspectives on the POS Riots

Posted by David Muhammad on Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Meanwhile a young activist in he making Kareem Marcelle who stands with his community – Beetham Gardens – has proven himself worthy to take up the fight his mother, Sherma Wilson started years ago.

Marcelle, who continues to fight for injustice of his community and country says the past three days has shown that some citizens T&T are not pleased with the way in which justice is served for persons in ‘hot spot’ areas.

He said while he is not in favour of looting and destroying the nation’s roadways and building, communities are forced to take action into their own hands to defend themselves against a number of elements.

When asked why residents do not report incidents of internal crime and gang warfare, he said if they do report such cases they will not be protected by the TTPS.

Marcelle also said that the time is right to end borderlines and the fight between rival gangs in the City.


We MUST stop killing our Own! #OneLove

Posted by Kareem Marcelle on Wednesday, July 1, 2020


And finally Political Leader of NOW and founder/director of ‘Fixin T&T’ Kirk Waithe said citizens of East Port-of-Spain are protesting for a number of reasons.

Waithe said they are protesting because they have not been heard – their issues have fell on deaf ears and while they have been promised solutions, none have materialised.