SEPOS end of term exams to be completed by by December 13


SEPOS end of term exams to be completed by by December 13

The Education Ministry says teachers of South East Port of Spain Secondary School have agreed to ensure that all end of term examinations are conducted for students of Forms Four, Five and Six from today to Friday 13th December, 2019.

It explains that this was the outcome of a meeting, initiated by the School Supervisors of the Port-of-Spain Education District of the Ministry of Education.

In a media release this afternoon the Ministry said the stakeholders’ meeting was held at the school on Tuesday, where eleven teachers agreed to ensure curriculum delivery for these students.

The Ministry said the decision of the teachers to take this course of action for the educational well-being of their students comes in the aftermath of a recent incident in which a projectile was fired from outside of the school compound while classes were in session.

On Friday 29th  November, 2019, Senior Executives from the Ministry of Education met with Deputy Commissioner of Police James, the Mayor of Port-of-Spain, Joel Martinez, teachers, parents and other community stakeholders and discussed measures on addressing the security concerns of all concerned.