Senior THA leadership row over folk performers treatment

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Senior THA leadership row over folk performers treatment

A row has seemingly broken out between Deputy THA leader Watson Duke and THA leader Farley Augustine.

This after Mr Duke came to the defence of 27 Tobagonians said to be stranded in Brooklyn, New York.

The Roxborough Follk Group reportedly went to the US with aid of THA to perform and represent the island and its culture.

In a social media video, Mr Duke claimed that due to insufficient arrangements, the group was made to bunk in people’s homes and rely on hand-outs for the duration of their stay.


He then called on “those who consider themselves to be the decision makers” in the THA to take action and tell the people why they were voted into office.


However as he is the Deputy Chief Secretary, the only person above him in the THA hierarchy is his party colleague, Chief Secretary, Farley Augustine.