Sedition Laws back in effect…. For now

Appeal Court judge Justice Alice Yorke-Soo Hon suspended Justice Frank Seepersad’s order. Justice Seepersad who found last month that parts of the law were unconstitutional, as it infringed on the rights of citizens to freedom of expression, thought and freedom of the press. This means that Trinidad and Tobago’s sedition laws are back in effect. At least for now.

The suspension of the order only comes pending the hearing and determination of the substantive appeal. This means the actual findings of Justice Seepersad is yet to be tried and ruled upon.

The appeal was filed by the Office of the Attorney general after Justice Seepersad refused to grant an application by the State for its suspension immediately following his ruling on January 13th.

The suspension of Justice Seepersad’s ruling means that the laws under which Public Services Association (PSA), President Watson Duke and Jamaat al Musliemen leader Yasin Abu Bakr were arrested and prosecuted, are again enforceable in this country.