Secretaries And Assistant Secretaries Are Assigned To THA Divisions

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Secretaries And Assistant Secretaries Are Assigned To THA Divisions

The assignment of posts of Tobago House of Assembly Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries has been revealed:

Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection –

Secretary Dr. Faith B. Yisreal

Assistant Secretary Sonny Craig

Division of Settlements, Public Utilities and Rural Development –

Secretary Ian Pollard

Assistant Secretary Nial George

Division of Food Security, Natural Resources, the Environment and Sustainable Development –

Secretary Nathisha Charles-Pantin

Assistant Secretary Nigel Taitt

Division of Education, Research and Technology –

Secretary Zorisha Hackett

Assistant Secretary Orlando Kerr

Division Infrastructure, Quarries and Urban Development –

Secretary Trevor James

Assistant Secretary Joel Sampson

Division Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation –

Secretary Tashia God’sGrace Burris

Assistant Secretary Megan Morrison

Division Community Development, Youth Development and Sport – Secretary Terrance Baynes

Assistant Secretary Wade Clarke

Division Finance, Trade and the Economy –

Secretary Farley C. Augustine

Assistant Secretary in the Office of the Chief (With Focus On Public Administration, Planning and Labour)

Secretary Certica Williams-Orr