Second state witness murdered this week

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Second state witness murdered this week

A 44-year-old labourer who was a state witness in a double murder case was murdered on Wednesday afternoon.

Raffick Hosein was at his Biche home when the murder took place. Reports indicate that around 3:30p.m, Hosein was relaxing in his hammock when a gunman opened fire, hitting Hosein several times. He tried to escape but the gunman followed and continued to shoot him. Hosein fell in his front yard and died on the spot.

He was found lying in a pool of his own blood when police arrived on the scene, after hearing loud gunshots in the area. They found several spent shells near the body following the shooting. Sources say Ho­sein had been receiving death threats, and as a result seldom left home.

This is the second murder of a State witness this week.

On Sunday, 47-year-old Kevin Bhuklal was found shot dead.

Bhuklal, who was a State witness in a case which involved three men who were committed to the High Court, was found inside his vehicle at Cedar Hill Road, Clayton Bay behind the dump entrance.

Police are investigating both murders.