SEA still on but no school for the rest of the year

SEA still on but no school for the rest of the year

“We have a commitment on August 20th and on that day, SEA students will come out and write that exam and go back home.”

That’s the word of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, as he addressed Saturday’s media briefing at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s.

He said the examination is still on, the children will be spaced out and parents are asked to get them to school and get them back home as quickly as possible.

Rowley said “This (Covid19) is apparently going to go on for quite some time and it appears at this stage, what we are facing now, we’re more than likely going to have to shut off that first term of the 2021 school year, because by the time we would have gotten over this period, we would still be too exposed and the risks still too high to put our children out there into the school space.”

The PM said since it is unlikely that we will be able to put our children in school for the rest of the year,”this means that we will have to take significant steps to do home training and virtual school activities as much as we are able too.”

He said “a new minister of education is going to come in, in a few days hopefully, and that would be one of the first assignments of the new minister, to ensure that we have the kind of support in place for our school population.