SDA School in Tobago allegedly drags boys out of grad over hairstyles

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SDA School in Tobago allegedly drags boys out of grad over hairstyles

According to reports, two 16-year-old boys of the Harmons School of Seventh Day Adventis (SDA) were allegedly dragged out of their school graduation on Monday night at Rovanel’s Resort.

The Express reported that the parents of the two are looking at their legal options in the matter.

Police were said to have been called to the scene because of what the school said was disobedience of the rules for the graduation as the boys wore cornrow-plaited styles.

Eric Edwards, father of one of the boys, said the school had indicated that plaiting of the boys’ hair was not allowed and since the rule was broken they were removed from the venue.

Evidence that the police were called to the Rovanel’s Resort was also shown to the Express following the removal of the students from inside the venue.

‘They said he was not allowed to plait his hair and, from my understanding, if the rules are one way they should be across the board so the ladies were supposed to dress modestly and from what I saw it was not all that modest, but they were also allowed inside. It was only two of them that was not allowed because of their hairstyle, it was two of the boys,’ Edwards said.

According to the consent form issued by the Harmons school of SDA, boys were to dress smart, long pants, avoid any fancy marks and patterns that distract. Young ladies were expected to dress modestly, no cleavage showing, no brightly coloured hair, no jewelry, only natural make-up.

Edwards said: “I intend to take legal action in the matter, I intend to go as far as possible that I can go because I know my son is scarred for life, the very next day he didn’t eat for the day, he didn’t speak for the day and I was like I know the pain he was feeling and that hurts me if my children hurt I hurt.”

Parent Aviann Ferdinand, whose son was also allegedly physically removed from the venue, also reported the matter to police.

President of the Tobago Conference of SDA, Pastor Vishnu Persad, told the media hous that the matter is being investigated.

Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers’ Association Tobago officer Bradon Roberts said he did not have all the details regarding the particular incident “but schools would have rules for a purpose and we have a culture in T& T where we constantly try to test the rules ‘and then we get to the media to have particular attention’.

‘So I would not want to say who is wrong in this regard. I believe the matter of discipline was left outstanding since we had the first set of comments on hairstyle. I am not certain if a child want to wear pink shoes to school if we would then get a policy on shoes, so we need to focus on discipline as a larger topic and what is the purpose having particular rules in schools,’ he added.