Scrap iron workers continue protests

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Scrap iron workers continue protests

Protests continue as scrap iron workers continue to show their discontent with a recent Gov’t decision to ban exports for six months.

Scrap iron workers have blocked parts of Penal piling heaps of mud in the centre of the roadway.

Police have been stationed at the intersection of Satnarine Trace and Clarke Road where the blockade remains.

Councillor for Penal Shanty Boodram who arrived on the scene a short while after the protest began said the blockade was done by scrap iron workers based on the signs that were erected on the heap of mud.

The signs read: “Iron is life,” and “The cost of living is high, we need to work.”

Boodram said Satnarine Trace had a high level of scrap iron workers, many of whom could not afford school books for their children.