Scotiabank ATM robbed in Curepe

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Scotiabank ATM robbed in Curepe

Bandits made off with an undisclosed sum of cash following a robbery at a Scotiabank ATM in Curepe on Tuesday night.

According to reports, around 8 p.m., an Estate Security Officer with Executive Bodyguard Services Limited was on patrol when he received a report from his security monitoring Centre that an alarm was triggered at the Curepe ATM.

The officer subsequently arrived at the location and discovered the room leading to the ATM opened and four cash bins missing.

A report was subsequently made to the police who later discovered there were no forced signs of entry to the secured area leading investigators to believe that the suspects had a spare key for the lock on the room.

However, unconfirmed reports suggest that the bandits were wearing the uniforms of the Executive Bodyguard Services Limited.

Investigations are underway.