School Transport App being developed to speed up payments

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School Transport App being developed to speed up payments

Payments to Maxi Taxi Concessionaires according to Minister Garcia is a very convoluted and time-consuming one and posed several challenges.

The Education Minister, said the Ministry is in the process of developing a School Transport App, which would be used to calculate payments and allow for a faster payment cycle for drivers.

The App will cover the entire monitoring of students and drivers’ route.

This process would involve the issuing of an ID card to students, which would be scanned upon entry and exit during their journey to and from school in the Maxi Taxi.

This process will now allow drivers to submit their claim forms via the App, electronically, for payments and would eliminate all errors and significantly cut the waiting time for processing of payments.  This new system will be managed from the Ministry Education.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education said via a media release that they have effected payments to the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) for services received from Maxi Taxi Concessionaires in excess of four point seven million dollars. ($4.7M) while the processing of claims continue for the period 14th October to 25thOctober, 2019. These invoices were received on Monday 18th November, 2019.

Minister Garcia says the Ministry of Education values the services provided by PTSC and Maxi Taxi Concessionaires and will continue to work with both stakeholders to improve the delivery of this service as to avoid another strike situation which took place on Friday.