School resumes on Ash Wednesday, says Education Ministry

School resumes on Ash Wednesday, says Education Ministry

Teaching and learning continues on Wednesday February 26, Ash Wednesday, and the Ministry of Education is making an appeal for parents to ensure that students are at school.

Minister of Education Anthony Garcia said, “The Ministry of Education is seeking to enforce discipline in our students. Our schools are a microcosm of society and the same way that the rest of the country returns to normal when Carnival ends, so too must our schools. Therefore, the expectation is that schools inclusive of student populations will return to normal.”

In 2019 student attendance was 19 percent at secondary schools and 31 percent at the primary school level.

Meanwhile, teacher attendance in the case of primary schools was 82 percent and secondary school teachers’ attendance was at 76 percent.

The Ministry said its teachers are committed and we need this level of commitment from our parents.