School Nutrition Programme caterers to donate 7,300 meals

School Nutrition Programme caterers to donate 7,300 meals

On Monday 11th May, 2020, Caterers of the School Nutrition Programme Trinidad will be donating 7,300 meals for distribution to underprivileged students who are on the Programme. The SNP is managed by the state-owned National Schools Dietary Services Limited (NSDSL), an agency of the Ministry of Education. Quality Assurance Officers and Zonal Managers, field staff of the NSDSL, will be visiting kitchens on Monday to ensure that meals are produced under strict food safety guidelines, as per the usual guidelines of the SNP.

The NSDSL has partnered with some Members of Parliaments and Councillors to have the meals distributed throughout their communities.  Guidelines to ensure the safe distribution of meals (including measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19) were provided to both the caterers’ delivery personnel and the various MP’s and Councillor’s offices.

During this time of crisis, the high price of food poses a greater problem for many low-income consumers, since a lack of purchasing power deprives a person from access to food, even though food is available. Low-income households generally spend proportionately more of their income on food when compared to their total expenditure. Research has therefore shown that low-income households purchase less food or fewer nutritious foods than higher income households. This can lead to nutritional problems for family members, especially children who need to be well-nourished for growth and development.

Data from the region has found that children under five from families at the lowest income levels are much more likely to be underweight compared with children from high-income families.