School funding amounting to $22M soon to be allocated

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School funding amounting to $22M soon to be allocated

Funding, in the aggregate amount of $22M for Government and Government Assisted Secondary Schools was made available on Tuesday 2nd February and Thursday 4th February 2021, respectively.

This according to the Ministry of Education, as schools were contacted on Tuesday 2nd February and alerted that releases were received and being processed and thus, supplier engagement could begin.

The Ministry said the school Supervision and Management Division began contacting principals today Thursday 4th February, for the collection of packages with the allocations to their respective schools.

The Ministry of Education said it is working with the Finance Ministry “to ensured that funds are supplied for the purchase of necessary equipment and materials for the completion of practicals and School Based Assessments (SBAs), in order to satisfy the requirements of various subjects at the Forms 4, 5 and 6 levels.“