Schools closed, bars closed, no gatherings of more than 25

Schools closed, bars closed, no gatherings of more than 25

In addition to banning non-nationals from entering the country for 14 days, the Government has also implemented a few policies. See below:

  • Schools closed- classes will resume on April 20. In the interim, all available opportunities for home schooling and online learning and training should continue
  • Government will provide an update on SEA on Wednesday
  • Bars should remained closed for 14 days
  • Gatherings beyond 25 must be avoided at all costs except under unavoidable circumstances. Dr. Rowley said that citizens should observe the space between individuals in an effort to prevent the virus from moving from one person to another. National Security Minister Stuart Young said that the rule will be enforced, if necessary
  • Restauranteurs are encouraged to implement curb-side/road side services only
  • Banks are asked to shoulder some of the financial burden such as deferring debt for those who may be affected
  • Landlords are asked to be mindful of those losing jobs
  • Churches are asked to postpone services in an effort to stop the spread of the virus

Additionally, a few committees will be established to address matters of finance, manufacturing and education.

  • Dr. Rowley will chair a sub-committee of the Parliament of Finance, Banking and Insurance and will include Finance Minister, Colm Imbert; Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Allyson West and Minister of Public Utilities, Robert Le Hunte. Dr. Rowley will also co-opt business man Ronnie Mohammed, Christian Moutett, and the Managing Director of First Citizens Bank.

Dr Rowley said he will co-opt further persons who have expertise in the financial sector, and who are wiling to act in the public interest in order to make the specific decisions on how we manage and use of financial strengths and cope with weaknesses in that area.

  • A Committee will also be established deal with businesses and the manufacturing sector. He said this will be led by Minister of Trade and Industry Paula Gopee-Scoon and Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan
  • A Committee will also be set up to deal with social support and job preservation. He said Minister of Social Development and Family Services Camille Robinson-Regis will chair this committee. The committee will meet to determine how the lower income persons are being affected by the actions and by the presence of the virus  additional food cards for persons
  • A Committee will also be established lead by Minister of Education Anthony Garcia to deal with school programmes, such as ensuring those who need food will have access to the school feeding programme

Dr. Rowley said the above strategies will be implemented, but if legislation needs to be developed Government will consider.